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Have you been dating a gentleman you truly like for the past few months? Is it accurate to say that you are thinking you need to be in a long term relationship with him? Provided that this is true, you might be pondering when to have “the discussion” with him. Rather than rushing your decision, first decide your purposes behind really needing to be in a committed relationship. If you can relate to these relationship questions, then you might well find this article pretty useful to have an idea of what questions to ask about yourself and about your partner.

Relationship Questions

Relationship Questions Answered.

If you have such thinking in your mind such as, “I’m bored of being single. I’m tired of dating. I’m getting older, so it’s better to get hitched soon. Or you might imagine a scenario where you don’t see yourself finding a better partner. If you take your long term relationship decision based on such thinking, then your partner may not be the one you truly need. In case you’re in this circumstance, your partner may not be the best fit for you. Looking to be in a relationship with the wrong person makes way for a short term relationship or guarantee a future of unhappiness. Let your partner go if he/she is willing to leave and let them find the partner they want. In the process, you might find your perfect match as well.

If your partner is the one you really need, your thinking will be like “I truly like him as a man. I enjoy the time when we are together. I smile just thinking of him. I love being with him.” If this portrays you, your relationship has the potential for a long term commitment. But how would you know what’s imperative to consider in settling on such a critical choice? The following relationship questions will confirm whether or not you’re both suitable for the long run.

Relationship Questions

Relationship Questions About You:

You may ask the following relationship questions about yourself:

Do I like how he treats me?
Does he give me priority is his life?
Does he have respect for me?
Do I feel safe being with him?
Does he accept me for who I am and accept whatever flaw I have?
Am I being my true self when I am around him?
Can I express myself freely when I face difficulty?
Do I feel secure when we’re together and when we’re not together?
Does he inspire me to get the best out of me?
Does he encourage/ support me to achieve what I want in life?
Is he genuinely happy for me when good things happen to me?
Can I tolerate my partner’s anger and annoying behavior?
Do I like my partner the way he/she is?
Am I having fun with my partner?
Do I maintain my own self when I am around with my partner?
Do I feel great when we’re together?
Do I feel free to pursue my passions, spend time on my own and spend quality time with my friends and family?
Do my family and friends like my partner?
Do I like my partner’s family and friends?
Can I see us growing old together?

Relationship Questions

Relationship Questions About Your Partner:

You may inquire the following relationship questions about your partner to get a feel of how good a match he/she is going to be for you.

Does my partner maintain a good behavior with my family?
Does he/she treat others well?
Is my partner tolerant with me?
Does he bring out the best in me?
Can he live with my behavior and traits?
Can I accept whatever flaws my partner has?
Is he a true friend to me?
Does my partner share the same mentality to me?
Is he open to my perception and thought process?
Has he introduced me to his family and friends?
Does he include me and value my opinion in all aspects of his life?
Is my partner a source of joy to my life?
Does my partner stay true to words?
Does he have integrity
Is my partner looking for a long term relationship
If you’ve replied “yes” to these inquiries, your partner is a great one for you. You’re certainly on track to a long-term, committed relationship. You just need continue being the person whom your partner loves the most.
If you’ve replied “no” to some of these questions, do not panic. A negative reply to some of the questions does not necessarily imply that you are not on the right track. The answers might indicate that you need to adjust or change a few things in your relationship pattern. You can communicate with your partner and sort out any issue that might need adjustment for better understanding in the future.

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